I had a fantastic experience at this dentist's office! The staff were friendly and welcoming, and the dentist was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive. They took the time to explain the procedures and made sure I was comfortable throughout. The office was clean and well-organized, and I was impressed with their advanced technology. My teeth feel amazing after the treatment, and I'll definitely be returning for my next check-up. Highly recommend this dentist to anyone in need of quality dental care!

Danial Lotfy

Dr. Tadros is an excellent guy who performed a tooth extraction for me. He demonstrated great precision and care during the procedure. The post-operative instructions he provided were clear, and my recovery has been smooth. I am grateful for his expertise and highly recommend his services

Barbara Beeler

10/10 very honest dentist and staff. I have been coming here for so long, better then any dentist i have ever visited. DR.Magdy is so friendly and patient

kirellos azer

Dr Tadros was my preceptor for PMHNP and it was a great experience. He is a walking encyclopedia of medicine. I appreciate the time he took to explain different disease process and how to approach each patient in a professional and respectful manner. It’s no wonder why his patients love him and remain under his care for 20+ years. I use what he taught me everyday in my practice. If you really want to learn how to practice psychiatry, he is your man and he tells good jokes!

LaShaunda Jethro

There are many ways to describe Dr.Tadros. It is an honor to have learned from someone like him. He is not only an excellent teacher, but he is knowledgeable and most importantly, compassionate. I was able to learn from him in different settings such as the emergency room with psychiatric acute patients and in the inpatient behavioral health unit. As a practicing Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I can honestly say that the most important aspects of psychiatric care, I learned from him. He is not only an excellent teacher, but a superb human being. Thanks for all you do Dr. Tadros you really do make a difference every day.

Edith Orejel

I been seeing Dr Tadros since 2018. I have been stable ever since. The secretary (i think her name is Alyssa) is nice too seems like she is always trying to help me.This psychiatrist saved my life

Yvette Azar

I just read Heidi Thompson's review and had to respond. It amazes me how someone who has seen a provider for over a year and has had great expereinces with them, would suddenly lash out and potentially hurt the providers business due to political mentions. We are quickly loosing the ability to be open and discuss any meaningful differences without fear of retaliation. Dr. Tadros is a fantastic Psychiatrist and I highly doubt he did anything other than "weather talk" during election day. He is professional and obviously has many supprters. No matter what his political views, he does not deserve the rididcule that had little to nothing to do with his professional abilties in a public review.

Matthew Bruhin

I have suffered from clinical depression and anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. I went through about 10 psychiatrists before finding Dr T (as I like to call him), shortly after moving to San Diego. That was in 2006, and in the past 11 years, I've always made sure that when switching insurance, that he was covered under my plan.

In 2007, I was in such bad shape that I was hospitalized for 3 weeks and received ECT, under Dr Tadros's care. It saved my life. Fast forward 10 years - I have been stable on my combination of meds for the last 10 years, but suddenly stopped working this March, and I was severely depressed again. Not just for one or two days, but continuously, accompanied by debilitating anxiety. I couldn't get out of bed, cried a lot, wanted to sleep all the time, ingested a lot of xanax to cope with my anxiety, and lost a lot of weight. I couldn't function. Dr T suggested TMS because I could not tolerate higher doses of my meds, nor could I tolerate side effects from trying out new medications. Thanks to Dr T's efforts and fighting insurance on my behalf, I was authorized to begin treatment.

My first TMS I did at the highest threshold and the highest number of pulses. I am exquisitely sensitive to meds and treatments and that was also true for TMS. I felt as though it was too much, not by itself but in conjunction with my meds, so I took a break and after a week, I restarted TMS.

Since then, treatments went smoothly, and TMS has helped me immensely. After knowing what threshold and number of pulses was my limit, and having about 15 sessions under my belt, I was able to function again. Simple things like buying groceries, picking up my kids, driving to appointments. After 15 more, I was back to being able to function at 75-80% of my capacity. My mood was significantly better. I was laughing, making jokes, eating, actually having thoughts about being social and interacting with the outside world. I had hope for the future. I became more optimistic. I felt more like myself again. Some of my anxiety still remained, but I was a completely different person than the person from a few months ago. I went all the way up to 36 sessions and I feel that if it wasn't for TMS, I would have to be hospitalized again.

Dr T personally did most of my TMS treatments in his office. He fit me into his busy schedule wherever he could, after his rounds and other commitments at the hospital and then I would meet him at his outpatient office for TMS. Since I am so sensitive to everything he wanted to personally administer them. He would occasionally come in especially for me on Saturdays so I could get an extra session in. A TMS session is an hour long for me, and it takes a lot of commitment on his part to come in daily and sit around for a whole hour for someone as busy as he. But he was always there, ready and willing.

Dr T is not for the faint hearted or person who likes to be coddled by a doctor. He is a no-BS straight up brutally honest no-waste-of-time kind of guy. And that's not for everybody. I personally get along great with him and appreciate his off-the-cuff remarks. If you are dedicated to your own healing, aren't abusing substances, he will take his time with you.

Naomi Katagai

Dr. Tadros helped put my life together. He is an expert and has great rapport. He takes time and listens. I would highly recommend Dr. Tadros

julie stoltz

I'm an African American Women. I Highly recommend Dr. Tadros!!!!! Extremely culturally sensitive, supportive and easy to talk to. Interested in my overall wellness since 2013.

B'ng Me

Since I started seeing Dr. Tadros, my condition has stabilized. He is a psychiatrist you can trust

Gordon Lawton

I been with doctors Tadros for more than 20 years. He is one of the best doctor's in town

Melinda Ochoa

Dr. Tadros is a great doctor. Easy to work with and very knowledgable on multiple organ systems. Always available, which is a big deal. Answers calls promptly and follows up timely. My patients have appreciated being under his care. He is a team player and always works in concert with the other professionals. His clinical judgement and acumen is topnotch. It's is professional peace-of-mind working with Dr. Tadros.

I had excellent experience under his care. he was able to take me off of a medication that I was on for a few years, successfully and very smoothly. I am very pleased with the time I spent under his care. He gets to the point quickly and to my best interest. Very pleased.

Dr. Tadros is an internal medicine physician at our facility and genuinely cares about each of his patients. He is approachable, knowledgeable and strives to make the best decisions for the well-being of his patients.


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